I am a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, working in the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP), advised by Sanjeev Khudanpur and Dan Povey. My research interests lie in the application of machine learning methods for speech and language tasks. I am currently working on speech recognition and speaker diarization for multi-talker recordings. I am a JHU-Amazon AI2AI fellow, a Fred Jelinek fellow, and an IEEE Rising Star in Signal Processing.

I have interned in the speech groups at Microsoft (in 2021) and Meta (in 2022). Previously, I graduated from IIT Guwahati in 2017 with a major in Computer Science.

When I’m not doing ML, I like to work out, climb boulders, play guitar, and read fiction.


  • September 2023: I have been awarded a Fred Jelinek fellowship by Johns Hopkins, for the academic year 2023-24.

  • June 2023: I will be spending this summer in Le Mans (France), participating in JSALT 2023. Our team will be working on WFST+end-to-end methods for speech.

  • June 2023: I was selected as an ICASSP Rising Star in Signal Processing.

  • May 2023: GSS paper accepted at InterSpeech 2023. This implementation is used in the baseline for the CHiME-7 DASR challenge.

  • February 2023: 2 papers accepted at IEEE ICASSP 2023. These papers investigate target-speaker ASR using transducers (work done at Meta AI), and using self-supervised models (led by my colleague Zili Huang).

  • October 2022: I am selected as a recipient for the inaugural JHU+Amazon AI2AI fellowship for 2022-23.

  • May 2022: I passed my GBO (JHU CS qualifying exam) and officially became a Ph.D. candidate (here are the slides for my presentation). Also, I'll be starting an internship at Meta AI (Menlo Park) in the Speech team.

  • January 2022: 2 papers accepted at IEEE ICASSP 2022. These papers investigate multi-talker ASR with neural transducers, and adding domain knowledge for fine-tuning of large self-supervised models. Here is a poster describing both papers.

  • Janurary 2022: I participated in the Mini SCALE workshop organized by HLTCOE. I was in the "Improving speech analytics for room audio" team led by Matthew Wiesner.

  • June 2021: 4 papers accepted at INTERSPEECH 2021. Check out publications page for more info! Also, I am attending ICASSP 2021 virtually :)

  • April 2021: Our JHU-GoVivace team placed 2nd (and 1st in the Hindi-English task) in the Indic code-switching challenge.

  • March 2021: I will be interning (virtually) with Dr. Jinyu Li at Microsoft this summer.

  • January 2021: Our Hitachi-JHU team obtained 2nd best DER in the Third Dihard challenge. We used several systems, and combined their outputs with a modified version of DOVER-Lap. Register for the workshop for more details!

  • November 2020: 4 papers accepted at IEEE SLT 2021. Check out publications page for more info!

  • August 2020: I will be a TA for Intro to HLT in the fall.

  • June 2020: I am participating in JSALT 2020. I will be working on informed target speaker ASR with Marc Delcroix and Shinji Watanabe.

  • May 2020: Our JHU submission to the CHiME-6 challenge obtained second-best results in Track 2 (diarization + ASR track). The system description paper is available here.